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Plant dye kit

Plant dye kit

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Eco-printing is a unique dyeing technique that involves placing plant materials like flowers, leaves, and seeds on fabric, bundling it up, and steaming to extract prints. 

With this kit you can create your very own art piece, which can be your new wall art, a personal handmade gift for your loved ones, or a creative exercise with your kids.

       Your dye kit includes:

       1.Handwoven khadi cotton fabric - 55x35cm (Pre-treated and ready for dyeing)

       2. Assorted set of 8 plant dyes:

  •    Marigolds (yellow)
  •    Red roses (beige/grey)
  •    Madder root extract (red/darker shades of pink)
  •    Alkanet roots (purple/brown)
  •    Roselle flowers (green)
  •    Myrobalan fruit powder (Yellow)
  •    Sappan wood (pink)
  •    Annatto seeds (orange)
  •    Bitter cumin seeds (brown)
  •    Onion skins (green)
  1. Colour modifiers:
  •    Alum (colour brightener and fixer)
  •    Ferrous salt (Colour modifier for achieving darker shades)
  1. Jute thread to bundle your fabric

    5. A step-by-step guide to eco-printing fabric

 The kit also comes with in-depth instructions, essential to eco-print like a pro




Shipping & Returns

As a part of our commitment to sustainability, your garment will be made only after you place an order. 

Orders are shipped to you within 15 working days.

Please refer our returns page for return and refund policy.

Care Instructions

Caring for our clothes well will make sure they last longer - while minimising your environmental footprint.

How can you care better?

• Gentle handwash in cold water or machine wash on delicate cycle with similar colours. 

• Use a mild, PH neutral & bleach-free detergent.

• Do not tumble dry.

• Turn the garment inside-out and hang-dry in shade.

• Always iron your clothes with appropriate heat settings. 


We make every effort in ensuring that what you see is close to what you receive. Although, due to the intricate nature of the crafts involved in the making, the products may slightly vary. Handwoven & hand dyed garments, by nature, have unintentional imperfections. Eco-prints are organically formed prints and can never be exactly replicated. Also, please be aware that sometimes natural dyes fade and mellow overtime. However, they age beautifully & never lose their eye-pleasing aesthetic.

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Hand-dyed one piece at a time.

Eco-prints are a way of extracting the most unique prints using plant dyed. Not only are the prints unbelievably wonderful but also it's one of the most water efficient way of dyeing which makes it beautiful inside and out.