Unborn is more than just a fashion brand;

it's a way to reconnect with nature and all the wonderful practices that go into making clothes.



A man or a woman, young or old, famous or forgotten, privileged or not, doesn’t matter the race or the place, we are the protagonists of our own stories.

As with each of us, every piece of this collection has its own journey that makes it unique and a protagonist.

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A mindful collaboration with nature. 

Years of research went into making your clothes truly meaningful.


  • Perfect light throw for your spring or autumn wardrobe. Suits all earthy undertones so super easy to dress up or down with whatever attire. Loose, breathable & soft on the skin, this throw will soon become your most favourite and comfortable piece for daily wear.

    - Rebacca Mulherin from Australia

  • This was the first sustainable piece in my wardrobe and I’m glad with the choice I made. I was amazed to learn that even with a conscious approach you can make such amazing clothes without sacrificing the style and the fabric. What I love about Unborn is that they make clothes with no chemicals no bleach but only what’s available in nature. Eco-printing at its best. With brands like Unborn the transition to conscious clothing has become easy. I cannot wait to add more of their pieces to my wardrobe!

    - Sri Laxmi from Germany

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